When Ransomware Strikes

When Ransomware Strikes: When ransomware hits, you better be ready, because if it releases its payload, your data will be encrypted and the cyber-criminal will hold you and your data to ransom, unless you pay the fee they are asking you will not be able to recover your data unless there is a free decryption tool to decrypt your encrypted data. If you are luck you might be able to use data recovery software or shadow volume copies to recover data, but ransomware is getting smarter and delete shadow volume copy files on installation of the ransomware. So remember to backup your data on a regular basis and store it away from the computer you are using. In this video we will take a look at Cry Ransomware also known as CSTO. Once data is encrypted it will have the extension .cry

Cry Ransomware allows user to decrypt 1 file for free, this can sometimes be use to decrypt all data with Kaspersky Ransomware Decryptor tool, it’s a long shot but sometimes it works, never pay the ransom, because there is no guarantee you will receive decryption key from the cyber criminals and it encourages them to create more of these ransomware. You can also use Shadow Explorer tool to attempt recovery of data, but as mentioned earlier, these sometimes get deleted.

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