Remove Antivirus Hard Disk Repair v2.2 Ransom

Antivirus v2.2 harddisk repair .. The computer has been infected with Trojan.Agent.ARVP. This computer virus was .. especially for the removal of information from the computer opponents .. geschaffen.Alle information encrypted on your hard drive for Verschlusselungs algorithm AES-256, this is impossible at this time is to decipher. .. Reinstall the operating system deletes all information for .. ever! The specialist forces of our company has succeeded, the weaknesses in the algorithm of the virus .. Trojan.Agent.ARVP identify and to your computer .. a special version of the antivirus HardDisk Repair v2 .2 to invite to your files .. wiederherzustellen.Unser Program is an important parameter HDDKEYbekommen that is needed to heal the disc to your computer and decode decodieren.Um all your disks, you must obtain a LizenzschlusselHardDiskRepair v2.2. you have to .. system a PIN or codeine to buy the high of 100 EUR, and reach us by e-mail: Send systemantivirus@yandex.rudie following data: 1 …. . PIN-code XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX or (100 EUR) 2 Your unique HDDKEY: xxxxxxx …. let decrypt your password, we need 24 hours .. payment. A password will be sent to your e-mail address … License activation: Your unique HDDKEY ..: ………..

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