Remove PRS for Music Metropolitan Police Ransom

PRS for Music Your computer has been locked stands for a scam (ransomware) application that aims to collect funds from unwary PC users all over the world. It should be first noted that several weeks ago Performing Right Society organization (abbreviated as PRS) wrote an explanatory notice where they clearly stated that the scam is not associated with PRS for Music and that they are researching this case thoroughly.

It is quite logical to ask ourselves why in the world this organization is so concerned about this malicious application. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the online frauds use their trademark and logo, together with Metropolitan police evidently, to design this scareware as the real warning that allegedly appeared in front of your screen, being supposedly originated by the law enforcement bodies of the UK. This badware is especially

severe sample and, regretfully, is very persistent at this very present time. Thus, what does this scam perform in particular? As soon as it is successfully implanted into your machine, it obtains total control over your Desktop with quite a professionally designed and written full-screen notice indicating to be originated by PRS for Music and Metropolitan Police law enforcement bodies. Here is how this scam depicts itself on a real computer:


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