Reduce Electricity Bill Power Saving Scam

Reduce Electricity Bill Power Saving Scam
Electricity saving box? The energy power saver by okowatt. This scam claims to reduce your electric bill by 90% just by plugging a device into a wall outlet. The device inside contains a small circuit board and capacitor, it’s a complete scam. Electronics engineers have tested this device and proved its a scam and don’t work.

OkoWatt is it a SCAM?

They use rubbish like this below to convince people that it works.

* Instantly reduces your electric bill
* Optimizes your power stream
* Captures energy so it’s not wasted
* Reduces energy consumption
* Saves between 60%-90% of energy
* Stabilizes voltage and balances currents
* Reduces overheating

This gadget does NOT work, its a scam.

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