Will Linux Ever Replace Windows 10

Will Linux Ever Replace Windows 10
Linux Vs Windows : Which Is The Best Operating System?
You may see home users making the leap to Linux from Windows 10, but businesses will stay with Windows..why? the cost involved in training staff to use Linux based software would be massive. Then you got training staff to learn how to use Linux and support Linux. Companies have already invested a massive amount of money in their company. To change over to Linux, would affect the company badly, the undertaking would be huge and take planning and money and a massive loss in productivity in the company during the transitional period.

Linux does NOT play well with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe After effects, Maya 3D, AutoCAD, ESprint or Microsoft Office. These are essential in an business environment. Their is plenty other software needed as well which is NOT support by Linux. So unless this changes, companies will continue to use Windows on their computers. I am not 100% sure Linux could support the amount of users Windows has right now. Windows has 90% of the market share, which is huge, that is a big nut to crack and with Linux not support commercial software, I can’t see that happening anytime soon. Linux will grow in popularity for home users, but it will never take number one spot away for windows. I am not hating on Linux, just stating the facts.

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