How to protect your computer from viruses

How to protect your computer from viruses.

Due to the ever growing technological advancement, almost everyone now has a computer (desktop or laptop). But a very few percentage of computer owners are able to protect their computers from viruses. Our computer contains highly important information and documents that we cannot stand viruses mess up with those documents.


Viruses can cause extreme damage to your computer, especially by messing up and corrupting important documents. These viruses are developed by bad software programmers who freely distribute them around the internet. Viruses are either gotten when someone is surfing the internet or through an infected removable device.

In order to keep your computer perfectly safe from viruses, then you will need to install a strong antivirus program on your computer. Apart from just an antivirus, it is recommended that you install an antivirus that has internet security enabled. Since viruses easily hover around the internet, it is best to keep yourself protected from this malicious malwares by having an antivirus with internet security enabled.

Also, asides the fact that you must install an antivirus program on your system, you also need to frequently update the antivirus database. By so doing, the antivirus program is able to tackle recent viruses. After you have all these in place, here are a few more things that you should consider doing.

Install a firewall program- Although most antivirus programs that are internet security enabled come with their own firewall, it is necessary to confirm this. If your own copy of antivirus program does not come with a firewall, then you need to install one. Firewalls are very important because it helps block some malicious spywares and malwares from accessing the internet. Maybe you unknowingly downloaded a spyware that requires internet to be able to cause harm to your PC, with the firewall in place, it will deny the spyware access to the internet and therefore keep your PC safe.

Install Ad-blockers- Most times, the virus that affects our computers were not put there by us. There are some websites that usually throws up what we call pop-ups. Most of this pop-ups automatically download spyware programs unto our PC without our consent. In order to take care of this, we must install an ad-blocker program so that our PC will be safe.

Run regular PC checkup: Just as you need to always run a medical checkup on your body, you also need to run regular PC checkup. This is very important because it helps in boosting the performance of your PC. Some things to consider when running a PC checkup is to do regular complete system scan using the antivirus program you have. Another good practice is running disk defragmentation, to keep your hard disk from been clogged. Also running history and cookies clean up, because your browser’s cookies and browsing data have a way of affecting your system.

With these tips, you can stay out of trouble and have a virus free computer.

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