Ransomware SMS Virus Trojan.Winlock.3252 Removal

Computer is Blocked!

Your computer is blocked for viewing, copying and dissemination of video materials containing elements of pedophilia and rape of children. In order to remove the block You are required to pay a fine in the amount of 500 rubles to the (telephone) number 8-965-265-90-84. In case of payment of the sum equal to or greater the amount fine there will be an unblock code on the receipt.

You’ll need to enter the code in the lower portion of the window and press the “unblock” button. Once the block is removed you must delete all materials containing elements of rape and pedophilia. If you do not pay the fine within 12 hours, all information on your personal computer will be permanently
deleted and the case will be sent to court for investigation in accordance to

242 part 1 of the Penal Code of Russian Federation.

Rebooting or turning off of the computer will lead to
prompt removal of all data, including the
operating system and BIOS, without ability of further

It also brought along a friend: A ransomware application which hijacks the desktop with an all-black screen (hiding the desktop icons), kills Explorer, and makes a demand for payment of 500 rubles in a window that looks like a Windows BSOD screen.

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