How To Make Windows 7 Universal AIO

How To Make Windows 7 Universal AIO

If you’re a computer technician, your be installing Windows a lot, so it makes sense to have a copy of Windows 7 with every version.
Trouble is Microsoft do not supply or make these disc’s.

This is where you can create you’re own copy’s of Windows.

Just follow my guide and I will show you how.

1. Remove the ei.cfg file from the installation ISO with ei.cfg Removal Utility.


The utility will remove the ei.cfg file and rebuild the bookable ISO, once complete it will make a universal disc.


Now all you have to do is just burn the ISO to a DVD or Install from a USB.

Windows 7 Universal Install Disc

When installing you’re new copy of Windows, You will be prompted to choose from the different version of Windows 7. Just Select which version you’re using and enter the valid license key.


Don’t have a Windows 7 with SP1 ISO, All is not lost, you can download the latest official Windows 7 with SP1 ISO file here:

Microsoft: Windows 7 Direct Download Links

The ei.cfg Removal Utility is a simple tool that will disable the ei.cfg from any Windows 7 ISO disc image, thereby converting the image into a “universal disc” that will prompt the user to select their preferred edition during setup.

Download ei.cfg Removal Utility

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