Remove OpenCloud Security Rogue

Remove OpenCloud Security Rogue by Britec

What this infection does:

OpenCloud Security is a computer infection from the Rogue.WinAVPro family, which includes other rogues such as Wolfram Antivirus. This infection is classified as a rogue anti-spyware program because it uses false security alerts and fake scan results to try and trick you into thinking that your computer is infected so that you will then purchase it. This infection is promoted through hacked sites that use exploits to install this program onto your computer without your permission.

Once Wolfram is started it will do a fake scan on your computer that will state that there are numerous infections present. It will then prompt you to remove these so-called infections, but will not allow you to do so unless you first purchase the program. Please understand, that OpenCloud Security is scripted to show you these fake scan results regardless of the computer you are on and how clean it is. Therefore, do not be concerned by any of the scan results as they are only being shown to scare you into thinking that you have a serious computer problem. OpenCloud Security will also configure Windows to use a Proxy Server. This Proxy Server will intercept all Internet requests and instead of displaying your requested web pages,
will show fake security alerts stating the web site you are visiting is malicious.

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