How to download and use VIPRE Rescue

How to download and use VIPRE Rescue: If your computer system is infected with malware, then fear not, there is a bundle of free tools you can use to clean up you computer system.


One of them free tools is VIPRE Rescue, you can download it for free, no need to update program as Virus definitions are included and its real simple to use as the program is self-running once executed.

It has the ability to detect rootkit / bootkit and even remove them from the master boot record (MBR) There is also command line option:

  • Deep Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • Log events
  • Disable Rootkit.

Additional Scans:

  1. Navigate to C:\VIPRERESCUE (or directory where VIPRE was installed ).
  2. At the command prompt, enter: VIPRERescueScanner
  3. Use any of the command line options:
    No command line option: Deep Scan with Rootkit and logging enabled
    /quick – Perform a quick scan (default is deep scan)
    /nolog – Disable logging (default is enabled)
    /norootkit – Disable rootkit engine (default is enabled)
    /path – Scan a specific path
    /qlist – List quarantined items
    /restore – Restore quarantined items



Important Note: VIPRE Rescue is updated  on a regular basis with all the latest virus definitions. It’s a good idea to download the latest version before running a scan.

1. Click Download Now Click Run 


2. Next your be prompted with Do you wish to extract the VIPRE Rescue Scanner to your computer?

Click Yes. WinZip Self-Extractor will open. Click Unzip. Once done unzipping, click OK 




3. A command prompt window will open and a scan will start automatically. (This will take some time so let the scan finish.)


4. Virus that are detected will show up in red


5. Scan complete


That’s it, you can view threats found and make sure they have all been removed by scrolling through results.

Download VIPRE Rescue

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