Reset Browser Settings After Malware Attack

Reset Browser Settings After Malware Attack If you have been hit by a malware attack, your know that malware and adware makes unwanted changes to your web browser settings. Some of these changes can be made to the homepage and malicious changes to Browser Helper Object (BHO), these are plug-in or extensions.

This then leads to advertisements pop ups and redirects to unwanted sites, all your search data can be collected by these types of malware. Proxy settings get added and DNS servers changed. Registry keys are added to disable system tools like Registry Editor, Task Manager  and in extreme cases, downloads of anti-malware programs can be disabled to stop you cleaning the system.

But all is not lost, there is a free Anvisoft Browser Security Tool. that can resolve a lot of these issues, if not all of them.

Download Anvisoft Browser Security Tool from the Anvisoft website.

1. once downloaded click on icon-avisoft

2. To repair Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox with Default Browser and DNS click Repair


3. It will start to run a quick repair of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox


4. Items repair by Anvi Browser Repair Tool will be listed below. Click Finish


5. If you want to run a repair of just one browser, just select browser you require, we will select Firefox. Make changes you require and hit Repair


6. Choose you Homepage.


7. You can do the same for Chrome, select items you wish to fix and hit Repair.


8. For Internet Explorer you can see options like Remove BHO, clear Browser History, Restore Defaults,

Repair Homepage, Repair Internet Options, Restore IEXPLORE APP Path, Fix IE Title Bar

and a lot more options to repair your browser from a Malware attack


9. You can change Default Browser and Default DNS before you run Repair Scan


That’s it, Your browser should now be fixed, this is a great tool to use in conjunction with other malware removal tools like ADWCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool.

These tools should help you remove any Malware infection from your browser. If you find this guide helpful, please share with your friends.

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