Don’t Use PC System Cleaners

So what is the best pc optimization software for gaming? None. Don’t use pc system cleaners, pc optimizers, registry cleaners or pc boosters, none of these types of programs have statistical evidence to back up such claims, the advertisements are borderline scams about boosting pc performance by 300% the wording used is to goad users into buying and using an unnecessary program. These programs are designed to clean temporary files, fragmented file, Invalid registry entries or obsolete registry files, browser cookies and history and that is pretty much it, this can all be done in Windows 10 for FREE. Microsoft once created a registry cleaner called RegClean and removed it from windows. So if you are looking for the best free pc cleaner 2021 don’t, they don’t work, just use storage sense or disk clean-up tool built into windows.

Microsoft support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities

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