Major Problem with Windows 10 2004 Update

Major Problem with Windows 10 2004 Update
Windows 10 2004 Bug Defrags SSD Drives Too Often. So you rolled out to Windows 10 2004 update early? Well, there has been a major bug found in that update with Windows 10 2004 optimization and defrag bug. This Windows 10 Update Bug may cause continuous defragging of SSDs or NVME. Microsoft defrag is designed to perform weekly or monthly optimization, after each optimization, the system records the current optimization time. The problem with Windows 10 2004 update is that it attempts to perform automatic optimization operations on the drive every time the computer is restarted and turned on. This is not good for SSDs as they don’t need optimizations such as defragmentation. They use TRIM technology. Defragging an SSD can add wear and tear and shorten the life of the SSD.

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