Remove West Yorkshire Police Ransomware – Decrypt Locked Files

West Yorkshire Police Ukash is a newly released ransomware. West Yorkshire Police Ukash is also designed to locked victim’s computer and ask victims to pay for £100 fine to unlock the PC. West Yorkshire Police Ukash is mainly distributed by Trojan horse, infected websites and other fake updates. West Yorkshire Police Ukash is not displayed on your Control Panel or pretty much anywhere else on your computer system, except perhaps the desktop icon it created. This is a scam, West Yorkshire Police Ukash comes on and there is a uk website address from the westshire york police asking me to pay 100 euro. If it is an english version then it is asking us to pay 50 pounds( £50) or 100 pounds( £100) to unlock your PC. Since almost every single computer has an authentic virus protector, they must make this virus quite smart in order to avoid the detection or even automatically removal by legitimate antivirus.

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