Convert FLAC Files to MP3 For FREE

Want to Convert FLAC Files to MP3 For FREE? FlacSquisher can convert all your Flac files to MP3 with ease while maintaining the directory structure in the original library. So if its because you want to reclaim space on your hard drive or have no use for FLAC files, give FlacSquisher a go, it can even convert your music file so that you play them on your mobile. I found this method to work real well, the video I done shows it in great detail and will help you covert your files with ease.

Converts to MP3 or Ogg Vorbis
Maintains directory structure from original library
Takes advantage of multicore processors
Can copy or ignore files by extension (album art, log files)
Ignores files already encoded previously
Compatible with Mono on Linux

So get the best FLAC converter!

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