How to Clean the Temp Directory

How to Clean the Temp Directory : The Temp directory is a folder used to store temporary files for Programs, sometimes when the program end, the files it store there will be deleted. But this is not always the case, some files are not deleted. Cleaning out the Temp folder can help to free up space on the hard drive, or deleting the contents of the Temp directory with free software like Ccleaner can help claw back space on your hard disk. Deleting files in Temp directory will not harm your computer in any way.

In order to delete all files from the Temp directory and to free up space on the hard drive, perform the following actions:

1. Open the “Run” command:

2. Hold the “Windows keynetwork-drivers   and “press R” on your keyboard.

3. In Run window, type %TEMP% in the Open field.

  • Click OK button.


4. The TEMP folder opens. Now Press Ctrl+A on the keyboard this will select all files in that folder.

  • Now Press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete contents of Temp folder.


5. Delete Multiple Items dialog will open, confirm deletion by clicking Yes.


The contents of Temp folder have been deleted.

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