Carey Holzman Approves of Pirate Windows 10 Keys

Carey Holzman Busted? I am shocked, I stumbled on this video about Carey Holzman endorsing illegal Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Keys. The video on his Youtube channel is clearly sponsored.
It now seems he has done a complete u turn on his stance about so called grey market windows keys. After flaming other Youtubers, including myself. In Carey Holzman own words, it’s a theft and stealing from Microsoft. You cannot buy a legal windows 10 key for under $50 they are all illegal keys, buyer beware. They buy these keys with stolen credit cards and you will go to jail. But now it’s OK to promote these illegal sites on Carey Holzman Youtube channel and make money while doing it. Well, he’s changed his tune a lot. Why do I care? My name was dragged through the mud Carey Holzman for doing sponsored windows 10 key videos and now he’s doing the same. How the mighty have fallen. Shame on you.
I have moved on and put all this drama behind me, but this needed to be brought to people’s attention. What’s good enough for the goose is good for the gander.
I have no clue who created this video, but its so true, thank you to ever created it and exposing him.

I do not own the rights to this Video, I found it on the internet.


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