Avoid These Major Mistakes When Building a New PC

Avoid These Major Mistakes When Building a New PC

Mistakes That Every New PC Builder Makes? there are loads of silly mistakes people make when building new computers, these are some of the most common problems people run into.

Do a power on test.

Forgot to install I/O Shield

Installed case fan wrong way around.

bending grounding straps on I/O shield

Installing standoffs incorrectly

Over tighten screws

Leaving loses screws inside case

No compound on CPU or too much compound

Power Cables not plugged in (cpu Power Cable)

Plugging monitor into onboard graphics

Power supply switch is Off

Hardware not seated correctly

Wrong screws on standoffs

Not removing protective stickers on hardware

Screws in PSU are in wrong place

Bad Cable Management

Buying a Cheap PSU with low power.

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