Can Software Block Ransomware

As the title says can software block ransomware? well the short answer is yes, but as this you will see in this video, never rely on software on its own to protect you against Crypto Ransomware, for some unknown reason this software let the ransomware on the system, now I know when working correctly it should block these ransomware. I am still not sure what happened and why it allowed ransom on the system. Crypto Ransomware is rampant today and once you get hit by this nasty ransomware all your data will be encrypted and to get your data back you will be asked to pay a ransom fee to decrypt your data.

Now there is a number of different software available to protect and block ransomware, so we are going to be testing Winantiransom Plus by Ruiware Winpatrol and put it to the test. They claim it protects you against some of the nastiest crypto ransoms out there. For example: CTB Locker, Teslacrypt, Crypto Locker and more.
Marketing for preventing ransomware is huge, websites claim a lot of stats and figures with impressive titles like The Most Powerful AntiRansom PLUS product on the market and Declare War on Ransomware and don’t let ransomware steal your memories. This of cause is just marketing to help sell a product.
Its big business and people may think they are safe from ransomware and I want to point out that the best way to stay safe is backing up data regularly and keeping a system image backup and storing it away from the computer you are using, this could be an external hard drive.

So if you get infected by ransomware you can just wipe the machine and reinstall your system image and data. Yes it takes time and is a bit of inconvenience to you, but your data is safe.
Now there is nothing wrong in using software to try and protect your system, but what if it lets a ransomware on your system? You will lose everything and software makers will say they never claim it blocks all ransomware. Why take the risk?
Now this video is not to be little Winantiransom Plus it’s quite the opposite, I would love to see this software block all ransomware and my test proved it did not block 2 out of 2 of the tests I run.
I just hope people see this video before they rely on any software protecting their precious data from ransomware.

I am not affiliated with Ruiware and try to be impartial when it comes to my reviews. These reviews are for education only and does NOT reflect on the company whats so ever.

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