Remove Fake Gendarmerie Nationale Police Ransomware Virus

Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware commonly known as French Police Ukash Virus is a fake message that pretends to be an official report message sent from French police. But, it is actually a scam and the messages is not related to French police but it is sent by cyber criminals to steal money from the innocent computer users. It locks the associated computer and send a message that you visiting porn sites that contains child porn, sodomy, etc that is banned in the country and you have to pay fine to unlock your computer. It is as dangerous as some of the well known Trojans and virus and it is highly recommended to remove Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware Virus as soon as possible.

Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware demands the user to pay 100 Euro to unlock the infected Pc but even if you pay the amount, your system will not get unlocked. It is just a scam whose aim is to cheat the innocent user. Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware locks the computer screen so its negative impacts is seen all over the computer performance. You cannot perform a single task through the infected System. It remains useless unless you uninstall Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware application completely from the computer.

You can download the distributive of Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 from Kaspersky Lab servers

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