Watch Out for Ransomware

Watch Out for Ransomware: Once the Epic ransomware gets on the system, it will start to search for file extensions to encrypt. The Epic ransomware is a variant of Jigsaw crypto ransom. You maybe lucky and get a decryption key or tool for this type of ransomware, but there is nothing better than having your own backups of your data, just in case there is no way of decrypting your files. Any good anti-ransom software will block this malware. The removal process is easy and any good anti malware program will remove this type of infection, the hard part is decryping your files.

Here is a copy of the text.

Very bad news! I am a so-called with following advanced functions:
Encrypting all your Data… Done
Collecting all Logins, Contacts, eMail and Messenger History… Done
Uploading all of it on a Server… Done
Sending a copy of this Package to ALL of your contacts…Pending
Now here are some good news:
The pending task will never be executed and all your files will be decrypted
again as soon as you did a BITCOIN PAYMENT within the next 72h.
I will then remove myself from your system – like nothing ever happened!
To show you that I am serious I will delete every hour 1-5 files – better hurry!
If you fail no one will stop me from sending messages to all your contacts.
Sharing with them every private conversation or eMail of yours I could find.
Don’t try to be smart by closing me or Power off the Machine – its too late!
Now make your decision: Accepting the loss of Privacy and Data or doing the Payment.

1 file will be deleted.

View encrypted files.
Please, send at least $5000 worth of BTC here:

I made a payment now give me back my files!

Thanks to Michael Gillespie was able to update his Jigsaw Ransomware decryptor tool to decrypt this variant as well.

Thanks to Lawrence Abrams Download is avalible on bleeping computer.

Need help? join our forum and we will try and help.

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