Technical Support Scams On The Rise

Technical Support Scams On The Rise: It seems we are plagued by the tech support scammer and ISP scam. Nothing seems to stop these internet criminals, there tactic’s are getting even more conniving to the beginner computer user. Many of these people a falling fail to pop ups in the browser and cold calling.

These scams say Microsoft has detected a virus or error on your computer and its causing a security breach in the network, your data, personal details and credit card information is being sent to hackers. Its all fake and the are commiting fraud.

This type of scaremongering is a disgrace and the something needs to be done. Its been going on far to long and innocent people are having to pay for a service they don’t need.

Never call the tech support scammers and never pay any money.
I know a lot of people have fun with these indian scammers by calling them, but I don’t get the time of day and there is other ways to bring awareness to people without calling them.

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