Avoid Email Scams

Avoid Email Scams: these type of phishing email scams are very common today if you are a customer of UK based ISP Virgin Media, its very possible you are being targeted by a spam campaign that want your account information, the details of you account include PayPal account login details, your email details ie: User Name and Password and your credit card information. Once you fill in the form, you will be redirected to the genuine Virgin media website to make it look legit. But now the scammers have collect all your information you have submitted on the fake form. The will now use it to commit fraudulent transactions in your name.

Never give these details to anyone
Never click on the links in emails
Never open attachments from unknown sources
If you think your security has been breached, contact your bank immediately and change your user name and password on all your accounts.

Your latest Virgin Media Bill cannot be processed

Dear “Your Email”,

There was an error when we tried to process the payment for your latest Virgin Media bill. Your billing details appear to be outdated or you may have recently chanced some of your information. Your Virgin Media service is pending disconnection on 16 March, 2016.

To avoid any inconvenience we strongly advise you to update your billing profile with Virgin Media as soon as possible.

To update your billing profile now go to
“Link to scam site”

Once you have completed this process your bill should be processed instantly. No further action will be required.

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

You can report these type of emails to netreport.

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