Tech Support Scam

Tech Support Scam: Have you been hit by one of these scams? They are very common and are all over the internet. You can be surfing the web looking for content to read and all of a sudden you get redirected to Tech Support Scam site. They hope that they have caught a fresh fish on the other end and begin to start to work there magic on you. ( Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details ) They will try and convince you that this is a legitimate message from Microsoft. But really its from a Indian trickster who is trying to con you by saying your computer is infected, which can lead to identity theft. They are hoping you will panic and call the number for assistants. Its at this point they will remote into you’re computer and ask for money to remove virus / malware from your computer. The cyber criminals are also looking for banking details on your computer so they can clone your identity or steal money from you. This is just a number of scams they use, cold calling you saying they are from Microsoft is another trick they like to use.

Don’t be fooled by these cyber criminals.

If you need help, please join my forum and I can help you with free advise and help you remover this junkware from your computer.

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