A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins

These type of scams are becoming a right pest on the internet, they are generating a income for these cyber criminals, they normally generate from India and can cost the victim a lot of money, the fake malware infections they claim you have on your computer system are just to lure you in to hiring them to remove these from your computer. They will then start to try and sell your a support package that you don’t need, this can cost $400 or more. Microsoft will never contact you in this way.

A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins

Banking Details & Tracking Your Internet Activity.

Security Center & Firewall Services are Disabled, Error code 0x8007042c; .

Your TCP Connection Was Blocked by Your Firewall. Your Accounts May be Suspended Until You Take an Action.

Your Personal Information May Have Leaked. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUIRED

Your Hard Disk May Have Trojan Virus! Please Do Not Try to Fix Manually, It May Crash Your Data.

Please Visit Your Nearest Windows Service Center OR Call Help Desk

Customer Service: 0-800 (TOLL-FREE)

This is not malware or a virus, its a scam to make you think you are infected and what they want is for you to call there toll free number, it is then they will ask you to agree for them to remote on to your computer and then say you are infected with malware and we can remove it for you, it is then you will be given a a bill for the fake work. They sometimes try and sell you 3 months pc cover. These people can turn nasty if you argue with them and attempt to lock you out of your computer or wipe your drive and disconnect.

Never pay for the tech support scam.

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