Speed up Windows 11 With One Command

Speed up Windows 11 With One Command. Should you debloat windows 11? I would say no, why? it always breaks things and its hard to reverse when you want something back that you removed. Remember this script was designed for Windows 10. I know a lot of people like to debloat Windows, so that is why I made this video, that does not mean I recommend you do it, unless you know what you are doing and understand what the script is doing and what it is removing. Do scripts? yes, but I don’t use debloat scripts on my PC. I use group policy editor and registry tweaks, which I created a script for. Privacy and Telemetry is probably one of the biggest reasons why people use debloat scripts.

WARNING: I do NOT take responsibility for what may happen to your system! Run scripts at your own risk!
Windows 10 Debloater

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