Optimize Windows 10 For Better Performance | Really..?

Optimize Windows 10 For Better Performance | Really..?
You seen a load of videos on Youtube for other people telling you how to can boost performance, FPS, Latency, Improve Performance & Speed Up ANY PC or Make Windows 10 Faster…Really? a lot of these tweaks do hardly anything to a computer and if it does do anything, its so marginal, its not worth worrying about, so why do they exist? Because people are gullible and believe everything they see on the internet. Boost FPS from 60FPS to 300FPS, its all fake and clickbait. These are all old tweaks that have been around for many years, like Power Settings, Disable Start up Programs, Virtual Memory, Uninstall Unwanted Programs, Update drivers, Remove Temp Files, Change DNS, Changing the number of processors, the list goes on and on.

These are the only things that will really boost performance that is worth mentioning.

Overclocking CPU, GPU and RAM
SSD if you are using Mechanical drive
Upgrade GPU if it has 2GB or less.
Upgrade CPU if you have old gen processor
Upgrade RAM if you only have small amount of RAM
Better Monitor for faster refresh rates 144hz and up
Better Internet

Tweaks are for very low end or old computers, that have low memory, old CPU or GPU or both. If you want performance, then buy better hardware.
Debloating, Turning features off and tweaks of the like can help with making the system run smoother on low end systems and lower system resources, but it comes at a cost.

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