What Kind of Memory Does My Computer Have Installed

What Kind of Memory Does My Computer Have Installed: When it comes to buying computer memory (ram) or upgrading by adding more ram, you may be wondering what type of memory and speed it is and if there is any slots available to use slots you have left to use. There is a number of ways to go about doing this, one is using a website to determine what type of memory you have in your computer, Kingston and Crucial Memory Adviser offer you a way to detect why type of memory you have in your computer without opening the computer up. Unfortunately these did not work for my memory, but there is a second way to do this without opening the computer side panel, it’s called Rammon. It’s made by Passmark and is a great way in detecting all the specs of your system memory. Now if you are more technical minded, you can open the side panel of the PC and check the memory label for details of what type of memory is in your computer.
So sit back and I will show you how it can be done with ease in this step by step video.

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