Important Security Message Virus

While surfing the internet have you received a screen in your browser called “Important Security Message Virus” This is just a heads up on these tech support scam pages on the internet, they claim you are infected or you have a driver issue or some sort of issue with your computer and your data is at risk. Its a scam and there main objective is to get you to call their number from tech support. It is then you will be scammed into thinking your computer is infected or has some kind or fault that they can fix for a fee. Their is nothing wrong with your computer, its a scam and will cost you a lot of money.

Why do I get these fake BSOD?
You get these fake viruses from unsavory sites and proxy sites, they have also been known to drop malware and crypto ransom on your system. Never install anything from this sites or you run the risk of getting infected, just close out the window and run malwarebytes, hitmanpro and ADWCleaner to make sure you have no infected files on your system. AdwCleaner is a program that scans the computer for Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers, once detected it will give you the option to remove these from the computer.

Hope this helps someone out.

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