How to get a GetSystemInfo Report

How to get a GetSystemInfo Report: creating a system info report is great for computer technicians who are trying to help you troubleshoot and diagnose a computer hardware or software issue with your PC, the log file is a complete  system information file with a wealth of information to help root out computer problems with software. The program has be created by Kaspersky and is a great tool to help in solving a conflict with your computer software or drivers with Kaspersky products. The good thing about the software is that If you encounter  an issue with your Kaspersky software, you can send a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support with the GetSystemInfo utility report file and they will auto analyse the GetSystemInfo Report and try and find a solution to the problem.

I will show you how easy it is to create a GetSystemInfo Report:

1. Download  or executable file GetSystemInfo6.0.exe

2. Now Double click to Extract the executable file from the archive.

3. Now click Run GetSystemInfo6.0.exe on the computer that is having a issue (example crashing, BSOD, freezing, locking up, keyboard not working etc, etc).

4GetSystemInfo will open , click Accept to agree with End User License Agreement.


5. GetSystemInfo report is saved to Desktop by default.

6. Click the Create Report to scan your system.


7. GetSystemInfo will start to scan your system and prepare a full report


8. Success dialog box will open, Press Click Here, it will let you open report in notepad.

  • If you wish to send the report to getsysteminfo for auto-analysis, click Send


9. To open GetSystemInfo Report, click GetSystemInfo_<COMPUTER NAME>_<user name>



10. Now click .txt file to open GetSystemInfo Report


11. Here is a tiny sample of your system report


That’s it, hope this helped.

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