Can’t Format USB Drive in Windows 10

So you want to know how to fix “Windows Was Unable to Complete the Formatting of USB Pen Drive” this is a common error and I will show you how to fix and resolve the USB Flash Drive problem. Now there is many reasons you can’t format USB Drive in Windows 10 or Windows 11. It can be related to a faulty USB drive, Malware or the USB drive is RAW or Corrupt. I will show you step by step guide of solving the USB problem.

1. Open Command Prompt and run as Administrator

2. Type: diskpart in the command prompt window

3. Next type: list disk

4. Now, select the correct disk by typing: select disk 2 (your drive number)

5. Now type: attributes disk clear readonly

6. Next type: clean

7. Now we need to type: create partition primary

8. Then type: format fs=ntfs quick or format fs=fat32 quick (“quick” does quick format)

9. type exit

10. Now type: chkdsk e: /f /r /x (e: is my drive letter)

1. Scan USB drive will antivirus program.

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