How to Check Health of Hard Drive

How to Check Health of Hard Drive
So you think your hard drive or SSD is failing? If your hard drive is making a repeated loud clicking sound or grinding sound or any other nosey sound coming from the hard drive, it could be failing. Time to backup your data before it fails. Got an SSD or NVME drive? no sound will come from that drive, but it does not mean its can’t fail. Bad sectors are common on bad failing drives.

The common symptoms of bad drives:

1. A file cannot be read or written to the hard drive.
2. BSOD Your computers file system needs to be repaired.
3. Applications constantly freeze up and crash.
4. Frequent errors occur while moving files from one place to another.
5. Computer running slow, especially while accessing large files.
6. Strange sounds coming from the drive, like grinding sound or repeated loud clicking.
7. Can’t install Windows

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