Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately

Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately
So you have a computer problem where the computer turns on then shuts off and repeats? or computer starts then shuts off immediately? well this video is for you. In this video I will help you troubleshoot your pc problem on how to fix a PC that doesn’t boot. these troubleshooting tips will help you fix and resolve your PC Problem.

1. Check power supply, check power supply connector or extension cables. Does the Fans all start and turn off

2. Check CPU and Thermal Compound and check Heat sink.

3. Check Memory is seated right, also test with one memory stick in dim 1 slot, still no joy, change memory stick.

4. Overheating?

5. Motherboard, check caps, make sure its not grounded on case, Reset cmos and wait 30 seconds, check CMOS battery, check for beep codes, electrical shorts…examine motherboard, re-seat all hardware, remove any piece of non-essential hardware. Lights showing on motherboard? check CPU.

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