Easily Clean A Virus Infected Computer

Easily Clean A Virus Infected Computer. Remember the method I used in this video might not be necessary for your computer or may take a different approach in removing your type of malware infection, if you follow this guide and you break your computer or lose data, you done so at your own risk. I will take no responsibility if something goes wrong with your computer. This is just a basic and brief guide on removing malware. There are many steps in removing malware properly and safely. Not all computers that get infected with Malware / Virus / Adware / Ransomware / spyware need to be formatted back to factory default settings. People with no experience can remove simple Adware if they know how. There are plenty of tools that help you clean a computer up and help you remove malware for free.

The problem is, no computer infection is the same and some are very hard to fix and will take a very skilled person to do so. Rootkits can lay undetected and are very dangerous to have on the system. With everyone doing online banking nowadays it’s very important to make sure the system is clean and free from any virus that maybe still on the computer.

Your options are:

Take computer to a pc repair shop, trouble is, not all computer repair shops know how to deal with Malware and will restore pc back to factory settings without the care of your data and programs.

Do factory reset yourself and save money.

Go to forum that helps you remove malware for free.

Tackle the problem yourself by running scans with free software.

Not all Malware is the same and you could running into problems and break your operating system, sometimes your registry or windows may need to be repaired to make it work again after you remove the infection. This can be difficult for the beginner or average user.

No matter what infection you have, to make sure your security has not been compromised, always change bank passwords and other important passwords to be on the safe side. If you’re in any doubt about the computer and think there could still be malware on the system, reset back to factory settings to be on the safe side.

Tools used:

Microsoft malicious software removal




Eset Online Scanner

Panda Cloud Scanner


Farbar recovery scan tool

Farbar Service Scanner

Reason Core Security

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