Do You Need to Update Your Computer BIOS?

Do You Need to Update Your Computer BIOS?

Its a age old question: Why you should flash your BIOS and Why Shouldn’t flash your BIOS? I would say there is a case for both of these questions.

So I will break it down as easy as I can. If your computer is working perfectly fine and all your hardware devices are working fine and your new to computers, then leave it well alone. On the other hand , if you are having issues with hardware or features in the BIOS not working as they should, or instability issues and the computer is not working as it should, then look for a BIOS update. So whats does a BIOS update do? they fix bugs and known issues with the older BIOS version. They can also boost performance and stability. It also fixes a known security flaw if there is one for that motherboard. Whats the risk? if you turn off or have a power cut or computer crashes during the BIOS update, then you run the risk of bricking your motherboard. (Which means dead motherboard)

At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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