Completely Uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser from Windows 10

Completely Uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser from Windows 10: If your not a Microsoft Edge fan and want to remove it from your computer, well you are in luck, there is a little tool you can use called Registry Tweak Tool. This little tool will allow you to Completely remove Microsoft Edge and use alternative browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So if you want to uninstall because of Microsoft Edge’s is tracking users browsing history and then sending it to Microsoft, where it could be shared to third parties that are interested in your surfing habits so they can market you better or maybe you just don’t use it and don’t want it, then this video is for you.

Warning: you follow this video guide at your own risk and I Britec wont be held responsible if you damage your computer or loss of data. always backup before you begin any changes to your operating system.

To download Microsoft Edge uninstaller please use link below.

Thanks to Legolash2o for supplying this great tool.

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