Check Mailbox Size and Exchange Mailbox Quota

Check Mailbox Size and Exchange Mailbox Quota: If you need to check your mailbox size and quotas for Exchange or Local in Outlook 2013 its very simple to do. 

Step 1:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Then click the File menu.


Step 2:

2. Click the Cleanup Tools. Select Mailbox Cleanup.


Step 3: 

3. Once Mailbox Cleanup window opens. Click the View Mailbox Size.


Step 4:

4. Folder Size window will open. Click the Server Data tab. You should now see size of folders on the Exchange server.

Look at each folder to see  your quota limit.


5. When  finished Click the Close.

That’s it, you have just found out how much data is in your Mailbox and Exchange Mailbox quota.

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