Fix Post Malware Removal Problems

Fix Post-Malware Removal Problems are common once malware have been removed from your computer system.

you may be having issues or problems with your internet connection, proxy settings, browser not opening.
There is lots of other issues like programs not opening or no running. these are assoication isssue caused by malware changing registry keys.
windows updates and firewall setting can be corrupt after virus. permissions and other items like desktop icons can be hidden.
More hader areas to fix are services these can be corrupt or broken and need registry keys added to the system to repair them.

reset file perissions
repair system files
repair WMI
repair windows firewall
repair internet explorer
repair hosts file
remove policies
repair icons
repair windows updates
repair safemode
repair file associations
repair start menu

So watch my video and see how you can repair these with free tools and get your system up and running like new without formating.

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