Q. What software do you use to record the screen monitor?

A. Tech Smith Camtasia Studio

Q. What editing software do you use?

A. I use Adobe Premier Pro and  Camtasia Studio

Q. What are your lower thirds made with?

A. There are made with Adobe After Effects and you can buy templates already made which you just edit Videohive.

Q. What Microphone do you use?

A. Blue Snowball and Zoom H1

Q. What Virtual Machine do you use for your Video Tutorials?

A. Oracle VM VirtualBox and VMWare.

Q. What Version of Operating Systems do you use for your tutorials?

A. Windows XP = Professional, Windows 7 = Ultimate and Professional, Windows Vista = Ultimate and Professional, Windows 8.x = Professional Windows 10 = Professional and some Linux

Q. What versions of Linux do I use?

A. Mint, Ubuntu and Arch.

Q. What do you use as a backup and why?

A. Acronis True Image. Acronis Backup for PC is our complete, one-stop solution for protecting all your desktops and laptops—either on site, or on the road.

Q. Where do I get my Malware samples?

A. I am a member of lots of Malware hunter groups and there is samples that get posted daily for people to test with.

Q. Can you give me your Malware samples?

A. I only share samples with Malware groups and trusted sources..sorry.

Q. What is your screen resolution?

A. I have a 27″ ACHIEVA Shimian QH2700 IPSMS Edge Monitor from Korea, screen resolution is 2560 x 1440.

Q. Can you help me fix my computer for free?

A. I am one man and try and help as many people as I can. (So please don’t take offence if I don’t reply or help you.)

Q. Can you help me fix my computer for if I pay you?

A. If I can fix your computer remotely and in a time that suits me..maybe.

Q. Why don’t you answer my questions?

A. I can’t answer everyone, but I do read all comments and try and replay to as many as I can.

Q. What security software do you use?

A. I use Avast antivirus free version, Malwarebytes Pro, Zonealarm Free Firewall on my main machine.

Q. Can I advertise on your site?

A. Yes you can for a fee, please contact me for details.

Q. Can you do a review on my software or hardware?

A. Yes I can, please contact me for details.

Q. How do you record your TV Screen?

A. With a capture box Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

Q. What Camcorder do I have?

A. Sony FDR-AX33BDI Ultra HD 4K Compact Camcorder

Q. What Camara do I have?

A. Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera