When is A Computer Too Old

When is A Computer Too Old
When it comes to saying your computer is old, how old is too old for a computer? I think the most important thing to take into account is whether your computer does everything you want from a computer and how long does it take.
Signs that your computer is too old are

1. You cannot run Windows updates
2. You can’t install the latest operating system
3. Applications take a long time to load
4. You can install or use latest applications
5. The computer cannot multitask or alt tab between open applications
6. Start-up and shutdown are slow.
7. You have already upgraded parts and its still slow
8. It cannot do what you want it to do ie: play modern games, edit 4K content, play 4K movies etc
9. Tasks take forever to complete
10. Proprietary parts wont allow upgrades.

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