The Best Windows 10 Version for Gaming and Performance

The Best Windows 10 Version for Gaming and Performance
So what is the best windows 10 version? it has to be Windows 10 Pro Lite. This version can be created with MSMG Toolkit or Ntlite. These types of software allow you to remove unwanted bloatware and telemetry from windows 10. This version will help you speed up windows 10. This software lets you make changes to setting of windows 10 so that during the install process, them annoying windows 10 settings that you have to keep disabling will be disabled by default during the installation process of windows 10. This like privacy, windows 10, updates and much more. Windows 10 Lite is great for boosting performance and FPS in games, due to the lack of bloatware and utilisation that you would get with a standard version of windows 10. I will upload my version and post the link on my website when done. But to be honest, its best you create your own and that way, you can disable what you don’t want in your windows 10 lite build. This will be a awesome windows 10version for old computers and gamers.

Watch: How to Create A Windows 10 Lite Edition

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