SVCHOST Viewer: Shows Services Running Under SVCHOST.EXE

SVCHOST Viewer Shows Services Running Under SVCHOST.EXE

A program to see what all those svchost.exe are running.

Ever wondered what all those svchost.exe processes are running Well here is an app
to tell you. It gives you some basic information like the Name and description.

– No installation required.
– Only requirement is that you have .net installed ver 2.0 or newer.
– Work in Windows XP sp2 and Vista and Windows 7.
– Coded in C#

Services are Windows programs that start when Windows loads and that continue to run in the background without interaction from the user. For those familiar with Unix – Linux operating systems, Windows services are similar to *nix daemons. For the most part Windows services are executable .EXE files, but some services are DLL files as well. As Windows has no direct way of executing a DLL file it needs a program that can act as a launcher for these types of programs. In this situation, the launcher for DLL services is SVCHOST.EXE, otherwise known as the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Each time you see a SVCHOST process, it is actually a process that is managing one or more distinct Windows DLL services.

Article by Lawrence Abrams

Full article can be found in the link below:

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