Stop Ransomware Before It Encrypts Your Data

Stop Ransomware Before It Encrypts Your Data: When it comes to protecting yourself against ransomware they don’t come much better than HitmanPro Alert. As your see in this test it done a fantastic job at protecting my data and stopping ransomware in its tracks. I run a number of samples and you will see all the data is still intact at not encrypted. I would like to point out that this is just one part of layered security you should be doing on your computer. I test it with samples like Petya, Teslacrypt, CryptoLocker, Zepto, CBTLocker, Locky and more. I hope you find this video helpful. Prevent you from accessing Windows with HitmanPro Alert.

Remember to backup your data on a regular basis and store it away from the computer you are using.

Some useful information about ransomware

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