Stop all Viruses with Voodoo Shield

Stop all Viruses with Voodoo Shield: In this video we will be checking out VoodooShield, its a great bit of software that lets you protect your computer against all virus, malware, trojan, backdoor, rootkit and many other types of virus infections, it works on a white list and black list basis, where all the programs you want to run on a daily basis like, photoshop, word, outlook etc etc can be added to the white list and will open just fine when the shield is enabled, but all other executable programs will not run, this will protect against cryptolocker and many other types of malware like ransomware, rogues, malicious code and software like junkware.

voodooshield automatically uploads blocked files for blacklist analysis with 50 of the industry leaders.

It still going to rely on user choice whether to install or not, which is always the weak link.

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