Silverstone Milo ML03 HTPC Case Review

Silverstone Milo ML03 HTPC Case Review

Support up to four 80mm fans
Drive cages with multi-purpose mounts eliminate need for adapters
Easy to install and cable route
Support standard PS2(ATX) power supplies
Includes two USB 3.0 ports

key points:

4 low profile expansion slots
1 fan controller slot
CPU cool only low profile (70mm high)
2x 3.5″ drives
2x 2.5″ drives, (but only if you lose the DVD ROM drive, otherwise its 1x 2.5″ drive.
PSU area is very tight I would go with less than 140mm like I use as this left no room as your see in my build.

Now you can get the Silverstone Milo ML05 for the same price and looks nice, but this has a slim DVD ROM Drive and these are not cheap to buy. Around £80 so this would of made the £300 budget HTPC Build impossible

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