Should You Buy or Sell a Used Hard Drive

Should You Buy or Sell a Used Hard Drive
I know some people buy used hard drives, but should you? in this video, we go over all of the reasons, good and bad, about buying used hard drives, SSD. Remember: Anyone with basic IT literacy can recover sensitive data such as photos, documents, banking details, emails, data basis, and any other sensitive information.


They are cheaper. (Not by much in the UK)


No Warranty.
Don’t know if they are well used. ie Server, CCTV or NAS where they are constantly being written to
Don’t know if they are failing with bad sectors.
Don’t know the history of the drive and what was stored on it.
You don’t know whether the user has dropped it or otherwise damaged it in a non-obvious way.
Refurbished? what does that even mean? nothing on eBay.
How are they sent in the post? was it properly packaged?
If selling or giving away PC, make sure you remove the drive.

On paper it is safe, but you never know what someone would put on a drive.
ASK for S.M.A.R.T. print out and Hard Drive Diagnostics Log

Buying a second-hand hard drive on eBay?

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