Secure Wipe / Erase Hard Drive with CCleaner

Secure Wipe / Erase Hard Drive with CCleaner: In this video I will show you how easy it is to securely wipe you hard drive, maybe you want to sell your computer or you might be throwing out you old computer / pc. Its very important to remember there is sensitive data that is store on your ssd or hard drive, even after you format the drive, data files can still be recovered from that drive, all your photos, documents, videos…everything. That’s why you should consider wiping the drive with 3 overwrites, 7 overwrites, 35 overwrites, this is passes of write made to the drive to delete data. They are called DoD 5220.22 M Disk Wipe for hard disk data removal for making data securely erased on a hard drive. CCleaner is a free utility

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