Reset any Windows PC Password

Reset any Windows PC Password: If you have forgot your Windows password or need to reset the login password on any Windows operating system for your computer.

There is many ways this can be done. Here is one way to Reset your forgotten password. we will be using Hirens BootCD.

I will show you how to use Hiren’s Boot CD to Reset your forgotten password.

So if you are a pc technician you will find Hiren’s a indispensable tool and it will help when working in a computer repair shop.

Step 1. Download Hiren’s Boot CD

1. Hiren’s BootCD Download:

Scroll down to bottom of the page and click on


2. Once downloaded Right Click on file and extract it.


3. Extract to Desktop


Extracting files


Step 2: Lets Burn Hiren’s Boot CD to CD. (You can use USB Pen Drive if you wish, rufus is a good to for that)

4. Inside Hiren’s Folder on Desktop look for Hiren’s.BootCD.15.2.iso Image file and burn it to a CD.


5. Select DVDRom Drive from drop down menu, select Verify and then Burn


Step 3: Boot to Hiren’s Boot CD.

6. Place CD into the computer your have a issue with

Important: Make sure that your CDRom Drive is selected as first boot device inside your BIOS. (or USB if that’s your choice)


7. Restart your computer.

8. You should now see Hiren’s BootCD Menu on your screen, use cursor arrow keys to move into the Mini Windows XP option and then press ENTER


9.  Once Mini Windows XP Desktop loads up, navigate to My Computer you will see drive letter

for your Local Disk.


10. Now Click on Hiren’s Menu (menu is the wrench icon hiren-menu-logo )  Navigate to Password / Keys / Windows Login-> NTPWEdit 


11. Once NTPWEdit is open Navigate to D:\Windows\System32\config\  then click on (Re)open to show users.

12. Next, select the user account (Britec in my case) which password needs to reset on, then click Change Password,

then in the new window leave the space blank to remove the password. then Click OK


13. Now Click Save Changes and Exit.


14. Remove the CD or USB from the CD-ROM Drive and Restart the computer.


15. That’s it, you should now boot straight into Windows if you left password blank

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