Repair Missing Windows Services After Malware Infection

Repair Missing Windows Services After Malware Infection: Malware infections like ZeroAcces Rootkit can cause havoc to operating system files. These type of Malicious malware programs can delete or corrupt your system files once it’s been removed from the computer, these important Services and Windows registry keys are critical to keep your Windows operating system running smoothly and it can be a Security risk if not fixed. So you can see there is two parts to removing this nasty bootkit its important once malware infection successfully removed, you carry out post malware removal repairs to the operating system. These Windows services will not work until you restore registry keys. You can use Farbar Service Scanner to see what Services are missing or corrupt. Once you know that the Windows services need to be repaired, you can use ESET Services Repair utility, this free tool can repair the service easily without you going into the registry.

I will show you how easy it is to repair and restore Windows services using ESET Services Repair utility:


  • Click Yes to UAC prompt.


  • This utility will reinstall Services commonly removed by exploits. Do you want to proceed?” Click Yes



  • Multiple Services have been reinstalled. You will need to reboot your computer. Reboot now? Click Yes


Once Windows restarts, you computer services should be back up and running.

Now because the computer is badly infected, its advisable to run other systems scans with other Antivirus software, a good free online scanner is  ESET Online Scanner Once system is clean install a free Antivirus like Avast and I would suggest you buy Malwarebytes Pro Its well worth the money 1 year/3 PCs for only $24.95.

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