Repair Install to Fix Windows 7 Without Reformatting

Repair Install to Fix Windows 7 Without Reformatting

Why do I need to do a Repair Installation?

You have tried System Restore and it did not help fix your Windows 7 issues.
You have tried all options ie: chkdsk /r sfc /scannow system restore etc etc to fix your Windows 7 Installation.
You do not want to do a fresh install of Windows 7.
You do want to preserve your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.

So if you have answered all above then the time is right to do a Repair Install of your Operating System.

Your need:

1. Standard Win7 installation DVD
2. Original 25-character product key (This can be found on a sticker on your PC/Laptop or paperwork that come with your retail copy of Windows 7.)
Lost your product key? well you can recover it with magic jellybean for free.
(link below)

3. Doing a Repair Install with Windows 7 SP1 with a Pre-SP1 DVD?, then you need to uninstall SP1 before proceeding with the Repair Install. Just uninstall from add and remove programs like I show you in the video.

4. In-case it goes wrong, remember Backup, Backup, Backup before you proceed with the Repair Install.

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